Our Class Instructors:

We are pleased to introduce the instructors of the HQ FSKA Dojo. Our goal is to provide skilled, friendly and trusted instructors who are role models both inside and outside the Dojo. Thank you to all of our instructors for their time and effort. We would like to acknowledge all who have helped make FSKA successful over the years.

Photo of Sensei Garry Cross

Sensei Garry Cross

Senior Instructor Funakoshi Shotokan Karate Association
Address 1293 South Park Victoria Ave. Milpitas CA 95035 USA


Karate Qualifications

1969: Began Tae Kwon Do training at West Valley College

1971: Began Shotokan Karate training under Okimura Sensei

1977: Awarded 1st Dan by Shihan Funakoshi

1979: Awarded 2nd Dan by Shihan Funakoshi

1983: Awarded 3rd Dan by Shihan Funakoshi

1988: Awarded 4th Dan by Shihan Funakoshi

1992: Awarded 5th Dan by Shihan Funakoshi

1998: Awarded 6th Dan by Shihan Funakoshi

2002: Awarded 7th Dan by Shihan Funakoshi

2003: Awarded Instructor’s Certificate by Shihan Funakoshi

2013: Awarded 8th Dan by Shihan Funakoshi

Attended the following seminars taught by Shihan Funakoshi:

  • Self Defense
  • Officiating
  • Kata
  • Kumite

Attended seminars taught by the following instructors:

  • Asai Sensei
  • Kanazawa Sensei
  • Mikami Sensei
  • Enoeda Sensei in London
  • Prof. Sig Kufferath, Jujutsu, Shihan


  • Chair of Officiating at FSKA Tournaments
  • Chief Judge at FSKA Las Vegas World Tournaments
  • Chief Judge at FSKA annual tournaments


Consistently placing in the top three in:

  • Kata
  • Kumite
  • Team Kata
  • Team Kumite

Education / License:

1969-72: West Valley College, Saratoga, California

  • Degree: Associate in Science

1972-76: California Polytechnical State University at San Luis Obispo,

  • Degree: Bachelor of Architecture

1983: Passed Exams to become a licensed Architect in the State of California