In Memoriam

In Memoriam

May They Rest In Peace

This page is dedicated to our martial arts brothers and sisters who have left us and passed on to a better place. Though this site is not nearly large enough to pay tribute to all of the great martial artists who have passed on, we should remember them and the impact they had on us, the martial arts community, and the world.


Kokichi Aoki

Photo of Kokichi Aoki
Born: November 28, 1946 Died: May 7, 2013

Henry Cabato

No Photo Available
Born: April 1960 Died: February 2011

Roger Day

Photo of Roger Day
Born: December 1942 Died: May 2010

Edwin Galicia

Photo of Edwin Galicia
Born: November 1992 Died: November 2014

Tony Garcia

No Photo Available

Rolando Guiala

No Photo Available
Born: 1953 Died: 2001

Maivian Le

Photo of Maivian Le
Born: July 1993 Died: July 2013

Renshi M. Satish

Photo of Renshi M. Satish
Founder and chief instructor Indian Karate academy Born: September 29, 1959 Died: February 26, 2015

Talitonu Pili Sevaaetasi

Photo of Talitonu Pili Sevaaetasi
Born: April 1954 Died: February 2000

Russell Shigeura

Photo of Russell Shigeura
Born: 1980 Died: 2008

Jeffrey Watkins

No Photo Available
Born: August 1964 Died: April 2004