Key Personnel

Key Personnel

Key Personnel:

FSKA has a wealth of experienced personnel in all aspects of administration, governance, coach education, kumite & kata, technical, refereeing, and tournament organizing. Thank you to all personnels for their time and effort. We would like to acknowledge all who have helped make FSKA successful over the years.

Photo of Mrs Theresa Funakoshi Mrs Theresa Funakoshi Personnel
Photo of Sensei Miriam Garnica Sensei Miriam Garnica Personnel

Sensei Miriam Garnica began her Shotokan Karate training with Shihan Funakoshi in June 1990. In addition to training on a regular basis, she taught Shotokan Karate at the Hollister, California dojo from 2001 to 2008. Dedication and support to FSKA has been the hallmark of her years of training. Sensei Garnica has participated in many…

Photo of Sempai Joanne Endow Sempai Joanne Endow Personnel

Sempai Joanne Endow was born in Cebu, Philippines and lived there with her family until they moved to California. Graduating summa cum laude with a BS in Accounting from San Jose State, she earned her Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license and has worked with several major companies in the “Silicon Valley” over the past 26…

Photo of Sempai Kenny Takeda Sempai Kenny Takeda Personnel

Current Rank – Godan

Photo of Sensei Jan Homer Sensei Jan Homer Executive Secretary

Sensei Jan Homer retired from the US Air Force in 1991. She had previously trained in Tai Kwan Do beginning in 1987, switching to Shotokan in 1991 upon her retirement. She continued training until 2009 and has assisted Shihan as the FSKA Executive Secretary since approximately 1995.

Photo of Sempai Robert Vallejos Sempai Robert Vallejos Personnel

Current Rank – Nidan

Photo of Sempai Steve Sedler Sempai Steve Sedler Personnel and Assistant Instructor

Sempai Steve Sedler graduated from Stanford University in 1968 and served in the US Marine Corps from 1968 – 1971.  After earning his Master’s Degree in Accounting in 1973, he began a professional career as a CPA and Finance Executive, retiring in December 2014.  His training in Shotokan Karate began in December 1993 when he…

Photo of Sempai Jon Endow Sempai Jon Endow Personnel

Sempai Jon Endow is a third generation Japanese American, born and raised in California. He graduated from the University of the Pacific (UOP) with a BS in Business Administration and Marketing and International Business. He retired in 2006 after spending 30 years in the consumer goods and brand marketing fields. He began his martial arts…

Photo of Sempai Eric Hiranaka Sempai Eric Hiranaka Personnel
Photo of Sempai Wayne Imahara Sempai Wayne Imahara Personnel

Current Rank – Nidan