Key Personnel

Key Personnel

Key Personnel:

FSKA has a wealth of experienced personnel in all aspects of administration, governance, coach education, kumite & kata, technical, refereeing, and tournament organizing. Thank you to all personnels for their time and effort. We would like to acknowledge all who have helped make FSKA successful over the years.

Photo of Sensei Jan Homer

Sensei Jan Homer

Executive Secretary Funakoshi Shotokan Karate Association
Address 1293 South Park Victoria Ave. Milpitas CA 95035 USA


Sensei Jan Homer retired from the US Air Force in 1991. She had previously trained in Tai Kwan Do beginning in 1987, switching to Shotokan in 1991 upon her retirement. She continued training until 2009 and has assisted Shihan as the FSKA Executive Secretary since approximately 1995.